Beginning in October, I will begin teaching VBAC specific prepared childbirth classes! This will be a 3 class series, and will be offered once a month or based on demand. I am so so excited about this. Families planning on a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean need specific support, resources, and information readily available to them. I am passionate about VBAC, and have spent a large amount of my time as a working doula focusing on VBAC and how to make it more easily accepted, supported, and less stigmatized in maternal care here in Rochester. I’m thrilled to offer classes that will include not only the nuts and bolts of birth, what to expect during labor and delivery as a VBAC mom, and the studies and facts behind the safety of VBAC, but also a safe, unhurried environment where women and their partners can express emotions without fear of judgement. Please help me spread the word! Once the dates for the first class series are settled, I will post it here.






Cesarean Birth Support Group

New Cesarean Birth Support Group


This support group meets the first Thursday of every month from 11pm-12pm at the East Side Wellness Center, 625 Ayrault Rd. Fairport, NY 14450.


*We welcome all women, as well as their families, to join us as we gather to share stories, offer support, and encourage growth as we process our cesarean birth experiences.


–It does not matter if you had a planned cesarean birth for your baby, or if you had a cesarean birth after labor had already begun- ALL mother’s who have experienced a cesarean are welcome.

Be encouraged and have your story heard in a safe place with other women who have been there and have experienced the unique range of emotions cesarean birth often brings.


Children are welcome!


Kim Guck CD(DONA),CCCE(CAPPA)is the group facilitator. Kim is a Birth Doula with over six years of experience attending a wide range of births, a Childbirth Educator, and a mother of two young children- one of which was a cesarean birth, and one a VBAC. She was the Chapter Leader of the Rochester branch of ICAN for multiple years, and remains the main support contact for Rochester.


Big news!

Big news!

I have joined the East Side Wellness Center  ( as a practitioner, and will now have office space there on Thursdays! What does this mean to my clients?-

I will now be holding prenatal meetings at the office, instead of at individual homes. Why have I chosen to do this? With a full client load, I was spending too much time away from my family on weeknights attending meetings. With clients spread all throughout Monroe County (and even Ontario county!) I was driving all over town, and my gas mileage showed it. So, instead of raising my price for services to compensate for this, I decided a central office location where I can meet with clients made more sense for everyone. I will hold all prenatal meetings on Thursdays (yep, morning-afternoon-or evening!) and for anyone who absolutely cannot make a Thursday work, I have access to the office at differing times each week. But the goal is Thursday.

Having a space at the East Side Wellness Center also comes with many perks to my clients! I will have access to a large space in the lower level to teach classes/have bigger gatherings occasionally, the office is private and spacious and I will be able to have my client library there so you can borrow books etc. easily, and not to mention the wonderful other people who practice at the center! Chiropractors, massage, greenproofing services, naturopath, acupuncture, lactation consultant, counselor, just to name some. So you can make it a double whammy when you come to an appointment by utilizing the other services at the center!

I’m looking forward to this new step, and hope you are as well. Feel free to leave feedback for me, or contact me if you have any questions!