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***I am only accepting repeat clients at the moment.  If you are looking for a doula for the first time, I would highly recommend you hop over to and check out their doula provider list!***

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a very personal, intimate experience and deserves respect and reverence, and I am honored to be a witness to each and every client’s birth. I understand that a woman’s desires in birth are individual, and I seek to support all of my clients unconditionally. I aim to ensure that my client’s are aware of their options in childbirth, and that they are able to make informed decisions throughout the process. My desire is to help you achieve the birth you wish for through support, education, and resources. Together with your family, we can work to make your birthing dreams a reality.

Here are some of the services I offer:

  • Emotional Support in the form of a continuous physical presence during your labor and delivery, encouragement, and reassurance.
  • Informational Support in the form of assistance to yourself and your family in gathering any information about the course of your labor and your options, explanations, non-medical advice, and help gathering any information and resources you desire before your labor begins.
  • Physical Support in the form of comfort measures, positioning, massage, breathing, relaxation techniques, and other non-pharmacological pain relief measures.
  • Advocacy in the form of interpreting your wishes to the hospital staff and other family members if necessary.
  • Support for the other members of your support team in the form of role modeling, encouragement, reassurance, and encouraging breaks.
  • In addition, I am happy to recommend care providers, lactation consultants, childbirth class series, and an array of other birth-related professionals.

A Birth Doula package for clients includes:

Free initial interview at a designated central location.

Two prenatal meetings. Typically these are held at your home, or a designated central location if there is a substantial distance between your home and mine.

On-call to you from your 38th week of pregnancy until your baby is born. This means I will not be far from home during this time, and readily available to come to you.

Continuous support throughout your labor and for a short while after your baby is born to assist with breastfeeding and make sure your new family is settled.

One postpartum meeting, about a week after your birth at your home. Additional postpartum meetings (for breastfeeding support or anything else related) can be scheduled with a fee of $15 per hour.

Experienced breastfeeding support.

24/7 Phone and E-mail support.

Client lending library.

Help creating your birth plan, should you choose to make one.

Investment: $600.00.  Discounts are available for repeat clients, and payment plans are an option.

*A $100 deposit is due when you select me as your doula and sign the contract. The remainder is to be paid in full by your 37th week.

*I am happy to work out a barter/discounted plan if money is a serious concern.


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