Client Feedback

baby hylton 3

Hiring Kim as our doula was the single best decision we made with the birth of our daughter.  She has a warm and caring personality and is very knowledgable about the process of birth.  In our prenatal meetings, Kim helped calm my fears about the labor and delivery process and answered the many questions I asked.  During my labor, Kim and my husband worked as a team, falling into a natural rhythm to provide me with support and comfort.  Most importantly, she helped give me confidence and encouragement when I needed it most to achieve the all natural birth that I wanted.  We would not have had a successful all natural birth without Kim’s expertise and presence.  She has an amazing gift and I recommend her doula services to any expecting parents.
Andrew and Erica
Lyons, NY
“On the day of our labor, Kim’s help was essential. We became a three-person team. When Morgan was going through contractions, Kim helped find the most effective and comfortable positions. She helped us make the call when to head to the hospital. During the most intense stages, Kim provided awesome pain management skills, and allowed Evan to get involved with that as well. When we thought we would mentally lose it, Kim was a rock of stability. Her presence allowed Evan to know that his emotions, while occasionally difficult to handle, were appropriate and wouldn’t derail the process.
We could go on, but we’ll end with this: Our baby is healthy and strong, and our med-free labor was possible only thanks to Kim’s services. We give her the highest possible recommendation.”
-Evan and Morgan Dawson

“As a first time mom, I was nervous to deliver my daughter. I wanted what was best for my soon-to-be-born child and for myself. But, WHAT was best?! Kim was there to answer my many questions. She was 100% supportive of every decision I made. On “labor” day (which coincedently was Labor day), Kim joined us shortly after our 30 hour journey began and she accompanied us all the way through the delivery. Kim helped me with pain management, encouraging me and calming me during and in-between contractions. Her kind words, her knowledge, and her support made me feel so confident.Kim was also a big support to my husband, making certain to reassure him that his role was important in this process,too. She is an amazing doula and a great friend. I am truly blessed to call her that! Being a doula is her calling and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a pleasant birthing experience!!!”

-Lindsay Adams

“After I had my first child I was thrilled to finally have my little boy. Unfortunately the birth experience was not quite what we had wanted. After we were unable to have a natural birth in part due to staff pressure at the hospital to take drugs we new we needed to try something different. We found Kim and were able to have our dream birth. With Kim’s excellent knowledge and skills we had our healthy baby girl naturally. She was incredibly helpful with breathing techniques, positions, relaxation strategies and nursing techniques etc. She new exactly when to leave for the hospital. After the baby came I said “that was so easy” and it was with Kim’s guidance. I would highly recommend having Kim as your Doula.”

-Amy and Andrew Little

“We met Kim exactly one week prior to our daughter being born.  Initially, I had planned to meet with her during the two weeks prior to my due date to go over my birth plan and to get to know her better, but I went into labor 8 days early.  Kim demonstrated her flexibility by springing into action knowing very little about my birth plan. She was incredible in assisting me through the intense contractions and making me feel as comfortable as possible.  Kim kept me focused.  She worked extremely well with the medical team and was a huge support for my husband, who has said numerous times to me and to others, that he couldn’t have done it without the assistance and support of Kim.
Having Kim present during our daughter’s labor and delivery enabled us to maintain our goal of having a natural childbirth.  She helped me find the strength within myself to not ask for pain medication.  We will be calling Kim again when we decide to have baby number two!  Thank you, Kim!”

Sara Franus
Delivered June 1, 2012


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